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With in-house funding or with funding acquired singularly, partners of ACM-TC also carry out independent research projects, aimed at extending the capabilities of ACM-TC, or to explore novel technologies. Participation in EU-projects is also pursued. Workshops are organised twice a year for all participants, to present non-confidential project results, to stimulate discussions, to define new research topics and to develop new opportunities.

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Industry professionals must work together to tackle the challenges of mixed-material joining. Even the best designed composite component The new Koenigsegg Regera is loaded with carbon fiber composites, including a carbon fiber intake manifold with optimized intake tracts, a body made Making Simulation Accessible to the Masses.

Small and mid-sized companies can reap their benefits, too. In , Solvay A composite is a material made from two or more different materials that, when combined, are stronger than those individual materials by themselves. Composites solve problems, raise performance levels and enable the development of new innovations. There are three types of composite manufacturing processes: open molding, closed molding and cast polymer molding.

Composites are composed of fiber reinforcements and a resin matrix that bonds the fibers.


Composites offer many benefits. Key among them are strength, light weight, corrosion resistance, design flexibility and durability.

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  • Composites are gaining traction in many industries, from architecture to infrastructure and automotive. They offer clear advantages that make them an ideal replacement for a variety of materials, including steel, aluminum, wood and granite.

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    Composites are fast becoming the material of choice. Composites are lighter, incredibly strong, corrosion resistant, nonconductive, and allow for parts consolidation.