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I Haven't Dreamed of Flying for a While

Premium FT. Pay based on use. Group Subscription. To view it, click here. The love story between Mutsuko and Taura is a strange one. They meet each other in an hospital, both of them unable to move because of their hip and leg injury. Being forced by a train accident to share the room for one night, they have a strange meeting during they have a sexual experience.

by Taichi Yamada

Taura is shocked to find out that Mutsuko is an old woman they were separated by a partition. After the hospitalization 3. After the hospitalization, Mutsuko goes home and gets a divorce. And from now on the story begins She is just getting young - from an old lady she becomes a woman of forties. She tries to find Taura - who didn't want to met her ever again. But when they meet again - her younger than him this time and very beautiful - he can't resist.

And their story goes on with some meetings and share feelings: about life and death. I didn't know what to believe when they met and she was just a girl almost fourteen or fifteen and they had sex. I mean, she was an old woman kept inside a teenage body And her, at age of four?

I was sad for her fate - being alone, as - maybe - a little baby and have nobody to take care of you I think I would let him stay with me and take care of me till the end Mar 27, Tras rated it really liked it. An odd little book that inspired vastly conflicting emotions.

While I enjoyed the premise of a 67 year old woman Mutsuko becoming progressively younger as the story advanced, the narrator, a 48 year old male Mr Taura , is more or less an asshole.

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An asshole that repeatedly cheats on his wife, while peppering the text with deeply misogynistic utterances: - But owing to the way my hatred was always directed at women, I felt such feelings stemmed from my relationship with my wife. Falling one step behind, I quickly followed. I was feeling a little overcome by her assertiveness and by my willingness to go along with it. I'm unsure whether this is a 'cultural' issue? I've never visited Japan so am not au fait with the ins and outs of Japanese culture, or the general nature of interactions between Japanese males and Japanese females.

However, I sincerely want to believe that Mr Taura's views are not some kind of cultural 'norm', but, instead, are a result of the bitterness that surfaces in one man when his career implodes, as his wife's career goes from strength to strength.

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Essentially, this is the story of what happens when a man's mid-life crisis collides with a woman's end-life crisis, with some magical realism dropped into the mix for good measure. At times it is poignant and affecting, at other times it just grates. It does sometimes read like the fantasies of a middle-aged author but, being middle-aged myself, a part of me can relate to some of those elements. Ultimately, I thought the good outweighed some of the bad, and I found it both interesting and intriguing. Master of the modern Japanese ghost story, Yamada Taichi's narratives blend the supernatural with modern urban life.

Although his fiction is regarded as a type of "ghost story," this acts only as a background for his tragedies. In his most recently translated novel I Haven't Dreamed of Flying for a While , we get another opportunity to relish in these beautifully sad stories, where the passionate ties of love are renewed and then lost forever.

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The main character Taura, a middle-aged company man st Master of the modern Japanese ghost story, Yamada Taichi's narratives blend the supernatural with modern urban life. The main character Taura, a middle-aged company man struggling with, what it seems, a mid-life crisis finds love all over again when he meets an odd and lonely woman, Mutsuko, in the hospital.

This love affair is an unusual one however, since she is sixty-seven years old. He is disgusted at first when he realizes that he was deceived by the old lady, but later, upon discovery of her youth and beauty, which become more noticeable with every encounter, he turns to his manly instincts and pursues an illict love affair.

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Their second chance at happiness is shattered when they come to understand that little time is left together before Mutsuko dies, as she declines into a nothingness, due to an inexplicable reverse-aging disorder. The character of Taura is an interesting one. He becomes another man entirely, with a powerful vitality, after the arrival of Mutsuko.

He is a man of many roles: a passionate lover, caring father, sympathetic confidant, but mostly a dreamer, held in the enchanting illusion of love. Sep 27, Robin Guest rated it really liked it Shelves: kindle-owned. Going to avoid spoilers, but this is part Japanese ghost story, part tragic love story, part psychological character study, and I have to say part middle-aged male sex fantasy. As a character study and sociological portrait it's quite chilling, being a depiction of salaryman alienation and mental breakdown and how this is typically handled by society, and which I think may be key to reading the novel slightly deeper than at plot-level or as a paranormal genre piece.

Bear with the seedy scenes w Going to avoid spoilers, but this is part Japanese ghost story, part tragic love story, part psychological character study, and I have to say part middle-aged male sex fantasy. Bear with the seedy scenes when you get to them, as I think the final luminous chapter makes it all worthwhile. My favourite of the three English-translated Yamadas I've read one of which is also a tacky movie. This one is a movie too, I believe, but I wasn't able to find an English-subtitled version when I looked admittedly a while ago, just after I'd read it the first time. Aug 09, Tom A.

Great title btw. Sometimes you are just looking for that certain book to fill your emotional needs; something that dime-store romances are unable to give or identify. Enjoyment of Life? What book can encapsulate those perfectly? Perhaps none, but this book did it for me.

In its relatively short length it provided no easy answers; just more staring at that emptiness you feel when you lose something "magical" in life. Actually I'm unsure what to say or think of this book. It's neither bad or good. And you get a glimpse of the japanese mindset. Overall it's easy to read and I just had to finish it. Sep 14, Stephen Douglas Rowland rated it liked it. An interesting story marred by an unlikable protagonist.

You Japanese people are just plain weird. With me Japanese literature can go only 2 ways: hit or miss. This one was a total miss. Taura is a 40 something failure and after trying to kill himself he is sent in a fictional department where he continues to develop even more his sense of uselessness. After an accident he ends up in an overcrowded hospital and is required to spend the night in the same room with Mutsuko, who is hidden from view by a screen.

They had some sort of phone sex and it's the You Japanese people are just plain weird. They had some sort of phone sex and it's the first time in a while when he managed to feel like that. In the morning he finds out the woman is actually old, much older than her voice suggested and feels he has been cheated. Did she claim to be younger? But Taura is superficial like that even though he's not that young himself.

Anyway, after a few days he's contacted by this woman and refuses to meet her, just to be stalked later on by her in a beautiful kimono. When he finally decides to look at her face he's shocked to see that she is now much younger. She can't explain it either, but feels it is related to their chance meeting. After that he, of course, has sex with her and is crushed when he doesn't find her again in the morning.

Then he starts to develop an obsession for her and tries to find her in any way he can. When she meets him again she's even younger than she was last time they saw each other. It's clearly now that Mutsuko is not only getting younger, but she's also getting out of existence by doing so. After this the story fails to be meaningful and it's just a series of them talking about nothing and him slowly getting into pedophilia as she grows younger and younger.

Yup, if reading about a 5 years old trying to make a 40 years old to ejaculate is not in your comfort zone, don't read this. I wish I didn't read this. Underneath this, the story has a deeper meaning. It is so well buried under the self depreciation of Taura and his pedophilia that I never manage to grasp it.

But it's there. It must be, right? Apr 29, Parrish Lantern rated it really liked it. I haven't dreamed of flying for a while.

Bookface: I Haven't Dreamed of Flying for a While, by Taichi Yamada

In this beautiful tale, we have Taura, a 48 year old deputy director in a company that builds pre-fab houses and Mutsuko, a 67 year old grandmother. Both appear to be cast adrift from their own lives. The next morning a nurse moves the screen and Taura sees this wizened grey old lady. After leaving the hospital, Taura again encounters Mutsuko, she is now physically younger by about 20 years, they then, consumed by passion, embark upon an affair. A sense of dread slowly pervades this relationship as Mutsuko each time they meet is physically younger, although remaining a 67 year old grandmother.

As I'm reading this. I start to worry that we are heading into Nabokov territory, as Mutsuko appears as a beautiful teenager. Learn about the winners of the s! Do you need to get an appraisal for a valuable book? This short guide from our Book Collecting Guide might help.

I Have Not Dreamed Of Flying For A While

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