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Great Britain's impressment of American sailors, its seizure of American ships on the high seas, and suspected British encouragement of Indian opposition to further American settlement on the western frontier all contributed to America's decision to declare war against Great Britain in June None of these factors, however, adequately explain why President James Madison called for a war the country was ill-prepared to wage. Moreover, the war was quite unpopular from the start. Many Federalists—chiefly in the New England states—opposed an armed conflict with Great Britain, continued to trade with the British, and even met in convention to propose secession from the Union.

Some members of the president's own Republican Party objected to the war's inevitable costs and questionable objectives, such as the conquest of Canada. To declare war was one thing, but to prosecute it successfully was a different matter. Much of the story of the War of is about the unpreparedness of America's Army and Navy at the conflict's outset, and the enormous difficulties the new nation faced in raising troops, finding competent officers, and supplying its forces. Most of America's military leaders were inexperienced and performed poorly, particularly in the first two years of war.

Only gradually did better leaders rise to the top to command the more disciplined and well-trained units that America eventually fielded. But despite costly initial setbacks, by the time the fighting stopped American arms had won key victories at Chippewa, Lundy's Lane, and New Orleans under excellent officers such as Winfield Scott, Jacob Brown, and Andrew Jackson. Although the United States achieved few of its political objectives in the War of , its Regular Army emerged more professional, better led, and fit to take its place as the foundation of America's national defenses.

All Army leaders and soldiers are encouraged to read this. We can all profit from greater knowledge about the beginnings of our Army: an Army forged in victory and defeat during what has often been called the second war of American independence.

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For Honour's Sake. Mark Zuehlke. Walter R. The War That Made America. Fred Anderson. The French and Indian War. The American Revolution. Robert Allison.

The United States Army (Men-at-Arms )

Custer's Trials. The Call to Arms. Richard Feltoe. War of Land Battles. Ronald T. The War of A Short History of the American Revolution.

About The United States Army 1783–1811

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The United States Army 1812-15

Wesley B. In the Shadows of Victory. Thomas Phillips. Civil War West. Duane Shaw. Bruce Bliven. The Victory with No Name.

Colin G. California and the American Civil War. Alton Pryor. The Divided Union. Peter Batty. Searching for the Forgotten War - Canada. Timothy L. Fire Along the Frontier. Alastair Sweeny. Joseph T.

George Washington. Mark Lardas. Progressive Management. The Precipice. Loyal customer offer in stores: Delivery: With fast shipping: saturday This title charts the evolution of the US army from the disbanding continental army following the revolution to the eve of renewed war with Britain. It focuses on the history of the US army, charting the first major transitional period. Author Peter Frankopan. Author Ruth Goodman. Author Serhii Plokhy. Author Peter Pomerantsev. Books All Fiction Fiction Drama. In the event Secretary Hamilton's far-sighted reforms, which produced 'Wayne's Legion' in the early s, were to be short-lived, and it took later threats of international war to stimulate the eventual expansion of the young US Army.

James Kochan's meticulously researched study of a dramatic and confused period in American military history - the years of St Clair's disaster, 'Mad Anthony' Wayne's victory at Fallen Timbers, and Harrison's at Tippecanoe - is illustrated with many rare and important paintings and drawings. Two years ago he formed his own antiques business and historical consultancy, including film and television technical advisory work, which is based at Harper's Ferry, West Virginia. The co-author of Don Troiani's Soldiers in America, , he has written innumerable articles and has organised important exhibitions, including Treasures from Mount Vernon: George Washington Revealed.

David Rickman is the exhibits co-ordinator for the Delaware state parks system, where his favourite project is helping to restore and furnish an American Civil War-era seacoast fortress. At other times he is a freelance illustrator specialising in historical and ethnographic subjects. His works are in the collections of the National Park Service, parks Canada and various other museums and historic sites. The immediate 'prequel' to Men-at-Arms 'United States Army ', covering the crucial period between the end of the Revolutionary war and the resumption of war with Britain in It was in this period that the decision was taken just that the USA should even have an army.

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It was a colourful transitional force, 'Mad Anthony' Wayne's Legion fought some significant battles against the Indians; a regular army was founded, and grew from scattered wilderness garrisons to a conventional force able to face the British regulars and Canadian volunteers in Convert currency. Add to Basket. Book Description Condition: New. Bookseller Inventory ST Seller Inventory ST More information about this seller Contact this seller. Book Description Osprey Publishing , Oxford, Condition: New. Seller Inventory Book Description Osprey Publishing, Seller Inventory mon David Rickman illustrator.

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